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About Me

Hi my name is Zarrar Chishti, a database software and game development consultant with over 20 years experience in Technology. I specialise in helping companies and councils with viral online games and online database applications. With my wealth of experience I can help you take your idea and turn it into to a fully commisioned application.

Born and bred in Scotland, I graduated from Glasgow University in 1996 with a joint honours degree in Software Engineering. After contracting around the world in cities including London and L.A., I came back to Glasgow to open my own IT consultancy.

In the first instance I would be happy to have a no-obligation chat about your project. Why don't you give me a call today?

Services I Provide

Online Viral Game Consultancy

Finding the perfect game for your marketing strategy by establishing the right platform, interface and data capture for your end users.

Mobile App

There is no reason your iOS and Android app should not be developed at the same time. Less cost, quicker development and better performance!

Application Software Development Consultancy

Are you considering developing a bespoke system for your day to day operations? A solid plan is essential before any code is written.

Database Development Consultancy

What your business needs is a database that can predict your future needs. A consultant can visualise your companies technological needs in the coming years.

Supplier Intermediary

My services include helping to choose the right suppliers for your project. I can also facilitate in project managing, ensuring clear and constant channel of comminications between yourself and the suppliers.


No matter how big or small, your project will be managed with military precision ensuring the system will launch on the expected date. This is backed up with a solid plan, constant communication and achievable milestones.


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  • General

  • Why should we hire a consultant rather than go straight to developers?

    In the same way you would not go straight to a builder when thinking of building a brand new house. A consultant will be the architect to your project. They can listen to your requirements and draw up plans for the project.

    These plans will then show options for the road ahead. The most important aspect of the plans will be the ability to split the project into manageable sections. These sections can then be either tendered separately or developed by the same company in batches. A consultant will be able to advise on the best course of action e.g. If your project involves multiple streams of concurrent development then it is vital to not overload all the work to one developer.

  • Is hiring a consultant overkill for a small company?

    I would say that a small company CANNOT afford to NOT hire a consultant. You may have a decent budget for this project however a number of problems can arise resulting in the project remaining unfinished.

    A consultant will first be able to ascertain whether your budget is right for the project. They will then be able to look at ways to ensure you get the maximum amount of value from the development within the budget. Finally they can give you unbiased advice on the different technologies available to you.

  • Why should we hire you?

    ..because I enjoy what I do and that will reflect in the work I will do for you.

    Ever since 1998 I have worked in IT and I love it. More than coding, I enjoy bridging the gap between the great ideas from Sales/Marketing/Management personnel and the highly talented, albeit introverted, developers.

    Finally, I am always available to my clients through a variety of means including video messaging apps.

  • Can you visit us onsite?

    Yes of course. I actually prefer to be onsite to ensure I can understand the requirements first hand.

  • Database Systems

  • How long will development take and will the system be delivered on time?

    How long development will take will depend on the amount of work required. A general guideline would be 1 month for a small project, 3 to 6 months for a medium sized project and 6 to 12 months for larger scaled projects. When giving my guideline of timescales, I always factor in contingencies based on the various technologies being used.

    As long as the project is managed properly and the milestones are met with military precision, there is no reason for the system not to launch on the date it is expected to. When project managing, I believe the most important is to keep a constant line of communication running from all suppliers. In this way any deviation from the planned roadmap or any dips in performance can be easily identified and corrected.

  • Not all of our operations are written down and/or we do not have the time to spend weeks detailing it out. Will you be able to help us?

    Yes, this is one area I find I can definitely help with. By being on site I can witness first-hand the day to day operations of your company. I always feel it is better to take a fresh perspective and take my own notes of the requirements.

    Also I will be able to visualise the options available without any bias. For instance a development company will try and shoehorn the technologies they are comfortable with as your only solution. I will not be under any such bias leanings and therefore will open all options.

  • Our current database is in Access and it cannot keep up as our business grows. What would you recommend?

    There are a number of options available and the one you choose will depend on factors such as location, users or budget. In some cases I have found it was more beneficial to just upgrade and re-program the current Access database and thus saving the company money.

    The most common technologies I find clients move to are ASP.NET and SQL. This allows for a more dynamic, futureproof and versatile solution for your company.

  • Will one company deliver the entire project?

    This does depend on the solution you choose however in most cases I encourage splitting the development between 2 to 3 companies. I find it is better to have concurrent streams of development for a successful project. In order to achieve this objective, the project’s development needs to be broken down into smaller modules.

    It is important for a development company to ensure each module is developed perfectly and not concern themselves with the big picture. The project manager can then take each of these perfect modules and place them together.

  • Would you advise to contract the development company for ongoing maintenance?

    Although it would be tempting to award the development company the maintenance contract, I would hesitate to do so for two reasons. The first is that the project may not need ongoing maintenance. Secondly, the use of modern programming technologies means that you are not bound to the developer that created the system.

    Not many clients realise this however it is an important breakthrough as it means the power has been placed away from the developers and given back to the real owners of the system i.e. you. There are many, many companies who can provide maintenance to your system at a cheaper price and more importantly with a more efficient service.

    I can of course help advise in all these cases.

  • Viral Game Development

  • We don't know what type of game to develop?

    This is fine. The actual game is NOT important at the first stages. Once we have established the goals for the game and targeting the end users, we will be in a better position to consider the type of games suitable.

    I have developed hundreds of games for many companies. The types of games range from simple puzzle based to complex walk about platforms. In all that time I have realised that the choice of what type of game you have developed is extremely important to the success of your campaign.

  • Should we get an app or online game developed?

    This will depend on the campaign you wish to develop. In most cases an online game is preferable due to the vast range of options available and of course the massive advantage HTML5 technology gives to you.

    However there is a hybrid solution available which can satisfy both scenarios. By developing an online game in HTML5, we can then encapsulate this in a web viewer in an iOS and Android app. The user will think they are playing an app where in actuality they are playing a game that you can monitor online.

  • How much should we budget for the development?

    This again depends on the type of game however a ballpark range would be between £5k to £18k for a typical online viral game.

    The biggest expenditure does tend to be on the graphics. How much will depend on the number of graphics and how much animation you will need. Of course I can help discuss ways to balance eye catching graphics against a defined budget.

  • Will the same supplier deliver the code and graphics?

    I would most certainly advise against this. A great designer should know nothing about coding and a good coder should not know how to draw great animations.

    The biggest fear is that the project may take twice as long however this should not be the case. A developer will have the exact specs the designer will be delivering therefore they can work concurrently with the designer on the project.

  • How long will it take to develop the game?

    It does depend on the game being developed however a general guideline would be around 4 to 6 weeks for an online puzzle type game.

    Another area I will discuss with you is the testing stage. It is imperative the game passes a strict checklist before being launched. For example a major test would be to ensure the game works perfectly across all browsers on all operating systems on the bare minimum machine specification.

Typical Packages

Database Application

Java Pearl C# VB

Initial meeting to outline project requirements

  • Further meetings and/or discussions
  • - understand business practices
  • - establish technology needs
  • - any business related constraints
  • - branding requirements
  • - time constraints and deadlines
  • - any supplier business practices required for tendering

Deliver a Functional Document which includes

  • - a detailed technical project requirements document for tendering to development companies
  • - a pre-tendering form for suppliers
  • - proposed timeline for project development
  • - guideline costs for development
  • - identify key milestones
  • - establish final project delivery checklist

Game Development

HTML5 online puzzles
viral games game jams quiz

Initial meeting to outline project requirements

  • Further meetings and/or discussions
  • - understand marketing strategy
  • - establish Key Performance Indicators
  • - pinpoint desired platform
  • - any business related constraints
  • - branding requirements
  • - time constraints and deadlines
  • - any supplier business practices required for tendering

Deliver a Functional Document which includes

  • - a detailed technical project requirements document for tendering to development and/or design companies
  • - a pre-tendering form for suppliers
  • - proposed timeline for project development
  • - guideline costs for project
  • - identify key milestones
  • - establish final project delivery checklist

Client Testimonials

We are extremely happy to be working with Zarrar and his team for the last two years on the Great Scottish Run project. They have come up with some extremely innovative ideas and at the same time accommodated all of our requests and changes.

Andrew Webb

Zarrar was very easy to work with, from my ideas of the games to putting them into reality. He kept me up-to-date all the way through. I am very pleased with the final results of all the games and would have no hesitation in using them again or recommending them to anyone else.

Judith Streatfeild
Audience Development Officer

Zarrar and his team have shown no request was too much and delivered everything and more on time and budget. We are happy with our products and look forward to many more projects in the future.

Dorte Gade Godsk Hansen

Helpful, efficient and flexible. Nothing was too much trouble and he had a solution to every issue. A surprisingly easy process from start to finish.

Emma Dixon

Published Books

Game Development for Everyone

Cross Over to HTML5 Game Development

I am pleased to announce that my first book, which was picked up by Apress Publishers, is available to buy. If you or anyone you know is interested in developing their first online game then please do check out this book. No prior programming experience is necessary.

Break into the most lucrative platform in the world by adding HTML5 game development to your current skillset. Zarrar Chishti has trained developers from a wide range of programming disciplines to cross over into HTML5 game development. Whatever your vocation, whether it be an Application Databases Systems developer or a Professional Web developer, with this book you will learn to evolve your current coding skills to become eligible for the biggest gaming platform in the world.

 December 2017
 Published by Apress

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